Goldesign Bossa Group

by Ana Márcia de Albuquerque


Ana Márcia, Creative Director of Goldesign Bossa Group, brings extraordinary beauty to each design and affirms that “MORE IS MORE” (and never LESS). For the wealth of details in the art of jewelry is the very DNA of Goldesign Group.

The joy of creation, together with the constant search for greatness in design, is shown in each piece, resulting in artworks that seduce and surprise. This sophistication is now reflected in new experiences showing nature as an infinite source of inspiration for Ana Márcia Albuquerque.

Acclaimed for its exuberant and exquisite jewelry design, the brand has achieved worldwide recognition and is used by prominent women in the USA, United Arab Emirates and Europe. And launches now its HOME, SWEETS and PARFUMS lines, for a more complete Goldesign experience.

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Goldesign Bossa Group
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